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Digital PR & Marketing assistant role


FIT Digital is a multilingual digital agency based in London. We're looking for an individual interested in working with the KOREAN marketing to join the Digital PR & Marketing team based in Putney / Parsons Green. You will be able to learn new things everyday, this is a perfect position for someone who wants to get started in the digital marketing industry. This position will involve working closely with: Digital Marketing, Digital PR, Influencer Marketing, Media Outreach, Content Marketing, New Business Development, Sales, etc. Any interest in Korean & Japanese modern culture is a plus.


Day to day responsibilities: -- Digital trend search & market research -- Helping with proposal creation -- Liaison with clients -- Attend meetings -- Liaison with publishers, celebrity agencies and influencers in Asia (in Korean & English) -- General support on request


Skills required: -- Some experience working with Digital PR & Marketing -- Interests in Social Media, content marketing, influencer marketing and outreach -- Strong communication skills in both English & Korean -- Cultural understanding & relevance in/with modern Korea & Japan -- Great personal skills to build relationships with collaborators -- Willingness to go extra miles -- Results driven rather than just "doing hours" -- A friendly & enthusiastic manner -- Presentable Social Media profiles preferred -- Dog friendly (we have an office dog and he wants you to like him)


Conditions: TBC - We can discuss and see what works with you but ideally you can start as an intern/contract and once everyone is happy we can welcome you as a full time member.


If you're interested please send your CV and your cover letter stating why you'd like to work with us to the email below: [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you!        

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» 구 직 Digital PR / Social Media executive nick 2019.07.17 1865
405 구 직 ▶▶한영/영한 첨삭,교정/번역 (Proofreading, editing) CarollineY 2019.07.15 2010
404 구 인 오디오 도슨트 모집 metroair 2019.07.11 2276
403 구 직 (Fisher College of Business 출신) 과제대행, 에세 영어대필작가 2019.07.09 2186
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401 구 인 *Homeworkvan* -Writing 전문 튜터- 과제, 온라인코스, homeworkvan 2019.07.05 2118
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399 구 인 [한스바이오메드 영국법인] 경력 회계 직원 모집합니다. file 한스바이오메드영국법인 2019.07.02 2630
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