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H Mart is an Oriental and Korean food specialist with over thirty years of experience in the industry. We supply fresh and packaged food to retail and wholesale businesses nationwide. Started in 1982 in New York, we launched our first UK superstore in 2011 in New Malden, Surrey and we are now rapidly expanding through Central London branches.

Current Vacancies

For our NEW MALDEN Headquarters:

  •          Office Assistant (Full Time) 관리 사무부


  •           Office Assistant Manager (Full Time) 관리 사무부


  •          Sales Account Manager (Full Time) 영업부


  •          Sales Assistant (Full Time) 영업부


  •          Sales Assistant Manager (Full Time) 영업부


  •          IT Technician (Full Time) IT부


  •          Store Assistant (Full Time/Part Time) 매장 관리부


  •          Delivery Driver (Full Time) 배달부


  •          Cashier (Full Time/Part Time) 계산부



  •          Store Assistant (Full Time/Part Time)  매장 관리부


If you are interested in any of the positions, please state the role and area you are applying for and send us a covering letter and CV to [email protected]. Please state your VISA Status and Expiration Date (if applicable) in your CV.

Candidates shortlisted will be invited for an interview at our office in New Malden, Surrey. Only applicants who are eligible to work in the U.K. will be considered.

Due to the high volume of response we are currently receiving, regrettably, we are unable to respond to every application individually. If you have not heard back from us within 7 days, please assume your application has been unsuccessful.

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